Appropriate design, helps to ensure quality of space. And that space requires an order to be appealing to the visual senses. This order can be either symmetrical or non- symmetrical. And in order for this space to exist, we need a form for the building. Thus our name, FSO, an acronym for FORM- SPACE- ORDER, the basic building blocks for successful and aesthetic design.

Interior design has also been a part of our profile. Yet, our expertise is primarily in civil design and execution. We provide a professional and systematic approach to the design project keeping an eye on detail. The satisfaction of the client is most important but not at the cost of our ethics in terms of design quality and utility. We encourage a strong client focused program to meet our goal - " The best design solution possible "

  • 1) concept & design
  • 2) budget optimisation
  • 3) residential & commercial
  • 4) architectural features
  • 5) decorative finishes
  • 6) coloured concrete


Started in 2002, we have grown steadily, undertaking varied types of architectural projects. We have been especially active in industrial and warehouse buildings. We have had some good clientele over the past couple of years adding to our chest of knowledge and experience. In 2005, we also started providing project management services (PMC) specifically for clients who insisted on quality on a day to day basis during execution. We were involved in coordinating the various contractors, suppliers and other consultants in line with the design specs and guidelines outlined by our design and technical team.